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Hi, I’m Yannik.

A Fullstack Developer, Photographer and Railway Enthusiast from Switzerland

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Who am I?

I work at Swisscom AG ,, an industry leading telecommunication carrier and IT service provider in Switzerland. Designing software projects, talking to customers and understanding their needs is as important as a clean and robust codebase to me. Within the last 5 years, I focused on expanding my skill set in .NET based projects using C# and modern Front-End frameworks like VueJS or Angular.

About Me


gibb - Berufsfachschule Bern
Federal Certificate of Competence in Computer Science
Dipl. technician HF computer science software developing


With, all of Yannik Gartmann’s software projects are united under one roof. The Swiss-based DevOps engineer constantly realizes new projects.

Develop Swisscom internal Applications

Planning, developing and maintaining internal applications in a cloud native environment.

Develop Swisscom internal Applications
Active Railroad Photographer

Active Railroad Photographer

Active railroad photographer and enthusiast with many great photos.

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VHE Emmental

Member, photographer and marketing collaborator of a historical railroad association

VHE Emmental
VHE Emmental